'The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson': Kenneth Branagh Accused Of Playing With Himself (VIDEO)

There was a very strong theme running through Craig Ferguson's interview with Kenneth Branagh on "The Late Late Show" (Weeknights, 12:30AM ET on CBS). Branagh may have caused it by keeping one hand in his pants pocket during the early part of the interview.

When Ferguson was asking him if he'd ever done a film just to get to spend time with a specific actress, Branagh was very vehement in denying it. But there was that hand.

"Are you playing with your junk right now just 'cause of the idea?" Ferguson asked. In response, Branagh removed his hand but the damage was done and the theme was set.

The pair talked about vulgar architecture then, with Ferguson clarifying that the opera house in Sydney, Australia is not phallic, but rather shaped like a woman's genitals. He talked about how most structures are phallic, but "Sydney said, 'No we're gonna go the other way. We'd like a vagina right there.'"

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