Malin Akerman And Craig Ferguson Present A 'Late Late Show' Fashion P.S.A. (VIDEO)

Malin Akerman and Craig Ferguson were putting the world to rights on "The Late Late Show" (Weeknights, 12:30 a.m. EST on CBS) when they came up with a quick and easy way of helping women with their wardrobe-related quandries -- they recorded their own joky P.S.A.

The pair were discussing whether men prefer women to be thin or not when Fergy mused that unlike fashion designers who want women to be thin to show off the clothes to their best advantage, most men, "they're not caring about the clothes staying on," they just want women to take them off.

Unlike, joked Malin, their shoes. So, to avoid confusion, Malin and Craig's helpful P.S.A.: "Ladies: The shoes stay on. The clothes come off."

Pick up more fashion tips from Craig Ferguson and his guests on "The Late Late Show With Craig Fergsuon," Weeknights at 12:30 a.m. EST on CBS.

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