The Most Popular Late-Night College Eats Across The Country

Is your school on this list?

College students live for late-night eats. One could argue that the sleepless nights students spend party-hopping are simply a means to an end ― a delicious, greasy end. Most college kids would probably be just as happy skipping the bars and heading straight to McDonald’s.

Now, eating late at night is not particularly good for you ― far from it, in fact. Late-night snacking can cause weight gain and impair your memory. But if we’re going to grab an occasional midnight snack, we might as well know the best place to do so.

So when Foursquare decided to identify the most popular late-night greasy spoons at colleges across the country, we were intrigued. Foursquare looked at the top 50 “Best Colleges” from U.S. News and World Report, as well as the top-ranked party schools from Princeton Review. They examined visit data from Foursquare and check-ins on Swarm to see the restaurants people ages 17-25 visited between 12 and 4 a.m.

Boston College students spend a lot of time at Pino’s Pizza and Otto, while across the country UC Berkeley students are chowing down at Top Dog and Cream Berkeley. Florida State students are loving Chubby’s Chicken Fingers and University of Iowa students crave Pancheros Mexican Grill.

Check out the interactive map to see if your school is on this list. If you have another place to add, share it with Foursquare on Twitter.