Late-Night Hosts Rip Trump's Disturbing Complacency Despite Aides Testing Positive

Trevor Noah declared Trump "immune to common sense" while Seth Meyers said he's peddling an "unhinged fantasy" about coronavirus.

The comedians of late-night television were baffled on Monday night about President Donald Trump’s alarming complacency with the coronavirus pandemic despite an outbreak in his inner circle.

The president’s narrative that it was safe to reopen the country stood in sharp contrast to news coming from within the White House. Three top health officials went into partial quarantine after two West Wing staffers ― one of Trump’s valets and Vice President Mike Pence’s press secretary Katie Miller ― tested positive for COVID-19.

The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah torched the president for attempting to downplay the importance of testing even as he pushes to restart the economy. Trump said “the whole concept of tests aren’t necessarily great” because Miller had tested “very good” (as in, negative) on previous occasions before getting her positive diagnosis.

“You would’ve hoped that Trump seeing the effectiveness of testing firsthand in his own house would’ve convinced him that testing is the best solution for the rest of America,” Noah said. “Somehow Trump came away with the exact opposite lesson.”

Check out his roast on “The Daily Show” below:

Seth Meyers labeled the president’s attempt to coax Americans out of their homes an “unhinged fantasy,” and wondered how Trump could continue to urge people back to work while his own White House staff were being encouraged to work from home.

“One day he’s going to call a press conference to reassure us that murder hornets are fake news while a dozen of them carry him back to their nest,” Meyers said.

Watch the “Late Night with Seth Meyers” segment below:

And “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert proclaimed that Trump’s testing statement about Miller was possibly “the dumbest thing he’s ever said.”

“She was tested and didn’t have it. Then she got it, then the next test showed that she had it. Does Trump think that tests are good only if they tell you news you want to hear?”

View the rest of his segment on “The Late Show” below:

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