Bummed Late Night Hosts Say Goodbye To Elizabeth Warren's Bid For President

"Folks, I'm afraid I have sad news for fans of competence," said Stephen Colbert.

The comedians of late night TV were a little more serious than usual on Thursday night as they recapped the events of the day.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) announced she was ending her bid for the White House Thursday, after she failed to gain enough support in the first round of primary contests, finishing Super Tuesday without winning a state earlier this week.

Late show hosts Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah and and Seth Meyers dedicated segments to her exit from the race for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination.

“Folks, I’m afraid I have sad news for fans of competence,” Colbert announced. “The onetime frontrunner Warren made the classic campaign mistake of being able to finish a coherent sentence. And not having a penis.”

“Further proof that America cannot have nice things,” he added. 

Check out his segment on “The Late Show” below.

Noah highlighted the sexism Warren endured during her campaign, agreeing with comments the senator made earlier.

“That was some truth she dropped there. A woman addressing sexism, or ignoring it while running for president, is either gonna be seen as a whiner or living on another planet,” Noah said.

“Whether you think sexism played a role or not, you have to admit, it’s pretty strange that a race that started with a broad tapestry of candidates is now basically down to two old white men.”

Check out his bit on “The Daily Show” below.

And Meyers compared Warren’s exit to farewelling a school teacher that you’re fond of.

“It kinda feels like when your favorite teacher retires. You’re sad to see her go but also happy for her because she doesn’t have to deal with your annoying classmates anymore.”

Watch the clip on “Late Night” below.