'Late Night' Writers Deliver The Perfect Response To Harvey Weinstein

The women nailed it.

Late-night shows were roundly criticized last week for failing to address the bombshell sexual harassment allegations that broke on Thursday about  Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. 

Over the weekend, Weinstein was fired from The Weinstein Co., and top celebrities have been speaking out in support of the women who have been coming forward with their accounts. 

On Monday, “Late Night With Seth Meyers” responded to the allegations with a segment featuring the reactions of three female writers on the staff: Amber Ruffin, Ally Hord and Jenny Hagel.

The writers expressed their outrage over the allegations and applauded the women who came forward.

“So far we know Weinstein reached cash settlements with eight women,” Ruffin said. “And where there are eight there are always more.”

The women also took issue with the apology Weinstein released following the reports of his alleged abuse.

Watch the writers tear apart Weinstein’s statement line by line in the video above.



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