'Late Night' Writer's Guide To Celebrating Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

"Do bow to me! But it's not because I'm Asian, it's just because I'm cool as hell," Karen Chee says.

This is how it’s done. 

“Late Night With Seth Meyers” writer Karen Chee broke down exactly how white people can responsibly celebrate May’s Asian Pacific American Heritage Month ― along with a few pointers on what to avoid. 

According to Chee, you should never ask her where she’s really from “because when I say I’m from a suburb of San Francisco, I can tell you’re disappointed.”

You should, however, bow down. “But it’s not because I’m Asian, it’s just because I’m cool as hell,” she jokes. 

Perhaps the most important must-do is to buy her a drink. Because while it’s a stereotype that Asians can’t drink alcohol, “We drink all the time! Hell, I’m drunk right now!” 

Celebrate responsibly, kids. 

May was officially designated as Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in 1992. The celebration falls in this month to mark the anniversary of the completion of the transcontinental railroad, which was built largely by Chinese immigrant workers, back in 1869. It also commemorates the arrival of the first Japanese immigrants to the country in 1843.