Late Returns: The Disappearing Tweets Of Newt Gingrich

Now that Newt Gingrich understands that his past statements are going to extensively mined for evidence of flipping and flopping, it makes sense that suddenly, a whole bunch of his old tweets have been sent down the memory hole. Here's Juli Weiner:

Long before launching his exploratory committee, he frequently chronicled his life's joys on his Twitter feed. Our favorite of Gingrich's tweets was a series he wrote around Easter of last year, shown above. His recollection of snacks of yore, and their relationship to tender memories, was positively Proustian in its subject matter, if not its duration.

Now, it seems as if his childhood wonder has been expunged from the Internet.

These tweets and all others composed before July 22, 2010 are unable to be found. According to Twitter, Gingrich has written more than 2,300 tweets, but just a small portion of the sum total are currently available on his feed. Additionally, permalinks to many earlier tweets are broken.

As Weiner points out, the good news is that Wonkette has preserved Gingrich's many tweets about chocolate bunnies for posterity. (Also, isn't the Library of Congress keeping a record of Twitter, for some reason?)


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