'The Late Show' Introduces Superheroes Fighting The Science Of Climate Change

Trump's climate committee summons "the power of willful ignorance."

President Donald Trump is appointing a special committee to study whether climate change threatens national security, and the chairman is likely to be a climate change denier, The Washington Post reported this week. 

That does not seem to sit well with people at “The Late Show,” hosted by Stephen Colbert. The program opened Friday night with a cartoon introducing “Trump’s climate committee,” saying the panel summoned “the power of willful ignorance.”

William Happer, who is expected to chair Trump’s committee, was singled out for specific criticism.

He was identified as “an unsightly climate-change denier.”

The clip had him saying: “If climate change is real, how come it snows? I’m gonna go punch a dolphin.”

Check out the video clip above.