Tom Hanks Got 'Screwed' During 'Secret' Vacation With The Obamas

Most of the trip was classified, but that didn't stop the actor from telling a few stories.

Oprah may have kept mum about her soirée with the Obamas on a yacht across French Polynesia, but Tom Hanks is not so disciplined.

The 60-year-old actor admitted to Stephen Colbert on Friday’s episode of “The Late Show” that he felt “very low on the food chain” while in the presence of his elite travel buddies: former President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama, Bruce Springsteen and Oprah. But that didn’t stop him from enjoying his time with these fellow national treasures.

“Every day is just like crazy ‘Love Boat,’ Scandals, Resort [sic] fantastic,” Hanks said.

However, the actor added, much of what the group discussed during the tropical trip was classified.

“Both Oprah and I were really pissed off because, is this where we are in the world?” Hanks asked Colbert. “Is this what’s going on with social media that Oprah and I cannot go on a billionaire’s boat to Tahiti with a former president of the United States and not keep it secret for God’s sake?”

The actor did divulge at least one story from his high-profile getaway, in which he said he got “screwed.”

“I’ll tell you one thing that happened to Tom Hanks, little Tommy Hanks, on that trip,” he said. “He gets screwed ... in the bad way, in the pejorative way, not in the delightful way.”

Watch the video above to find out what happened during the Obamas’ exclusive yacht trip to make Hanks swear off that type of vacation altogether. His story starts at 6:12.



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