'Hey White People!' On 'The Late Show' Is The Only Racism Guide You'll Need

Celebrities hilariously give the lowdown.

To heal the racial divide, “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” bandleader Jon Batiste presented a star-studded PSA on Wednesday called “Hey White People!

Actor Tituss Burgess urged caucasians to stop using “racially tinged.” “What the (bleep) does that mean? Did I put on some racist makeup before I left the house?”

Comic actor Kevin Hart tried to dispel a certain misconception. “You think we all meet at Oprah’s house once a month and discuss black people stuff?” He was just getting started on that.

Actors Anthony Anderson, Michael K. Williams, Samuel L. Jackson, journalist Gayle King and, yes, comedian John Oliver, also contribute. Now you’ve been educated, white people.

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