#LatinasAreNot Going To Stand For Stereotypes, This Hashtag Proves It

Because #LatinasAreNot playing around, y'all!

"Spicy, exotic, fetish or sassy" are all words often used when Latinas are described in film, television and mainstream media.

To fight back against these one-dimensional stereotypes, HuffPost Latino Voices asked Latinas to raise their voice using the hashtag #LatinasAreNot. The response was massively overwhelming, from women striking down the notion that all Latinas look alike to mujeres proudly stating what they will no longer stand for. #LatinasAreNot playing, y'all! 

In their own words, dozens of Latinas shared how they break the mold. Check out some of the best #LatinasAreNot tweets, so far. 

And last, but certainly not least, #LatinasAreNot finished. They have a lot more to say when it comes to how we're represented in the media, government and online -- so stay tuned and join the conversation. 

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