7 Latino Artists Who've Pushed To Legalize Weed

7 Latino Artists Who Want To Legalize Weed

While the use and possession of marijuana is becoming increasingly permitted in the United States, there have been a slew Latino celebrities who advocate for the legalization of Mary Jane.

Despite the federal laws which still state that cannabis is an illegal drug, these celebs use and are fighting for pot legalization. Whether you choose to partake in the toking yourself, support individual state legislation to push toward national legalization of the drug, or are completely opposed to the growth, distribution, and enjoyment of marijuana, we thought you’d find this list of Latino celebrities who’ve been known to advocate for smoking pot just fascinating!

Cheech & Chong
What list of pot-lovers would be complete without the pair that started it all? Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong starred in the 1978 classic Up in Smoke. The movie followed the misadventures of two stoners who accidentally smuggle a van filled with marijuana into the United States. Both comedians are medical marijuana advocates, a fact which surprised no one.
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This Latin Grammy winner from Colombia outwardly supported the legalization of pot in Uruguay when it was proposed to legalize the substance.Back in 2010, Juanes, a Miami resident, posted to Twitter “if I could vote in California, this coming November 2, I would vote for the decriminalization of marijuana. A step towards peace.” His belief is that an incredible amount of gang and interpersonal violence stems from drug wars and disputes over growing, buying, and selling territories between dealers. Thus, government permission and regulation would decrease violence overall.
Gael García Bernal
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This Mexican actor narrated the 2011 documentary "Breaking the Taboo." The film explored the history of the war on drugs and promoted the legalization of weed in particular.He has come forward stating that he himself enjoys an occasional toke and fully supports the legalization of the substance.
Carlos Santana
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We love Santana for a whole host of reasons, but what we’re acknowledging today is his support for American education, in the form of tax on legal marijuana sales. In 2009, Santana openly criticized President Obama for not seriously considering the Federal legalization of pot. He said, “Legalize marijuana and take all that money and invest it in teachers and in education. You will see a transformation in America.”
Hip-Hop singers B-Real (L) and Sen Dog (
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These Latino hip hop artists were the first to go Platinum and made their love of getting high into lyrics for many a record. Their open appreciation for the drug was what prompted the creation of the annual SmokeOut Fest which celebrates but marijuana use and hip hop music.Love it or hate it, marijuana is pervasive in most cultures internationally and it’s entirely possible it will become a legal substance over the course of the next decade.These latinos are some of the many who are participating in the movement toward mainstream acceptance of the growth, distribution, and use (for both medicinal and recreational reasons) of cannabis.
Jerry Garcia
Is this one too obvious? Along with legends Cheech and Chong, Garcia was open about his pot use starting in the 1970s. As lead guitarist for the Grateful Dead, Garcia never hid his use of pot as a relaxation and creativity aid. Later in life, his name became synonymous with marijuana use and getting high.
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We love Guillermo Diaz’s honesty with the press. From his status as an openly gay Cuban actor to his love of marijuana. In 2009, he told the press, “I am a very big advocate of marijuana!”

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