Latino Civil Rights Movement Will Be ‘Bloody,' Says Immigration Hardliner Stephen Steinlight (VIDEO)

An immigration hardliner says Mexican immigrants will launch a bloody civil rights movement if given citizenship.

Railing against the possibility of comprehensive immigration reform, senior policy analyst with the Center for Immigration Studies, Stephen Steinlight, made the comments in an undated, edited video uploaded to YouTube on Thursday and circulated by the Café Con Leche Republicans and Latino Rebels.

Referring to Mexican immigrants, Steinlight says:

You don’t know how long it will be here before the political activists get engaged in that community and foment something that will look like the civil rights movement for African Americans, but I can promise you it will be a lot bloodier.

The video was originally uploaded by a YouTube user BPTGV, which stands for “Bob Price Texas GOP Vote.” The caption says the video was shot at a speech to a group in Texas.

It’s not clear when Steinlight made the speech, but he refers to Republican “surrender monkeys” who opened up to the possibility of immigration reform in the wake of Mitt Romney’s defeat in the Nov. 2012 presidential election.

BPTGV describes Steinlight as a “radical leftist.” It wasn’t clear how the user reached that conclusion, since Steinlight identifies as a conservative and opposes large government.

Hear what Steinlight has to say in the video above.



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