Latino College Students Read Emotional Letters Thanking Parents

“In many ways, I am an extension of you and your values. As such, every single one of my accomplishments, is your accomplishment.”

Let's hope you have an extra-large box of Kleenex on hand, because this video of Latino college students thanking their parents is going to make you ugly cry like a Kardashian. 

In recognition of the integral role parents play in first-generation college students’ success, teamed up with Coca-Cola to help a group of NYU and Columbia University students and alumni give their parents props for always having their backs. The whole thing is nothing short of heartwarming, and it will most definitely give you a major case of the happy cries.

“Thank you for spending nearly a decade alone in America, working multiple jobs to earn a visa so we can be here. I cannot imagine that was easy at all, and yet you did it,” reads one emotional young man, later adding, “Every single one of my accomplishments is your accomplishment.” 

In addition to reminding us to thank our parents more often, the video reminds us that, for many Latinos, teamwork makes the American dream work, though scholarships and grants don’t hurt either. For every story shared using the hashtag #ForTheDream, Coca-Cola will donate $1 to the Hispanic Scholarship Fund. So go on, get to tweeting!

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