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New Year's Eve Traditions And Superstitions: 22 Latino Rituals To Guarantee A Prosperous 2013

Wear Red Or Yellow Panties

Latino New Years Eve Rituals And Superstitions

It's time say good-bye to the old!

But oh, if only it were that simple. With almost two dozen New Year's Eve traditions, Latinos not only bid farewell to another year gone by but make sure the next one will be even better.

From wish-granting grapes to peeled potatoes under your bed, from burning rag dolls right down to the color of your underwear -- there's nothing that says 'so long and good riddance' like these New Year's Eve rituals and superstitions.

So pop the champagne and let's toast (don't forget that gold ring!) to a happier, more prosperous, and loving new year!

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