Latinos, Social Media Atlanta and Spelman College

Latinos, Social Media Atlanta and Spelman College
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In two weeks, I will be speaking at Social Media Atlanta. The panel entitled, "Tips for Success in Multicultural Social Media" is on Wednesday, November 10, 2010 from 9:30 - 11 AM.

Earlier this year, I participated in a similar panel at SXSW. It created a bit of a stir, since we had representatives from diverse communities speaking about the struggles and opportunities from the vantage point of each community and these conversation have historically not been had in public. I believe it was the first time something of that nature had been done at SXSW. I for one was not surprised by the response, as I know from first hand experience that that often happens when new ideas are introduced. Despite the stir it created with some, in its totality the event was a resounding success and I am hopeful that the conversation will carry on in the years to come at SXSW.

I am delighted to be involved in a similar conversation at Social Media Atlanta and particularly excited by the framing of this particular panel since from the outset it stresses both the commonalities and the differences that exist. I am hopeful that it will be a provocative conversation that challenges assumptions and misconceptions and provides some insights as to best practices and opportunities as well as a path forward for brands and marketers who are interested in partnering with said communities through social media.

More details on the event below. You can register here. I hope to see you there!

Tips for Success in Multicultural Social Media

Wednesday, November 10, 2010 from 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM
Atlanta, GA

Social media has opened up an entirely new way for various ethnic communities to connect and share their experiences that affect them as a community. In this panel, we'll explore the commonalities and differences among the various communities using social media. We'll also look at the way they consume social media (online vs mobile, for example) and what that means to organizations looking to engage these groups either for a cause or as potential customers. Come learn and share your experiences with us in this very unique panel during Social Media Atlanta.


Kety Esquivel, VP Digital Strategy Ogilvy PR Kety Esquivel has over fifteen years of experience in the non‐profit, private and political sectors. She directed Latino outreach for the Clark Presidential Campaign. Her work has taken her to China and Ethiopia with the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa. She spent three years coaching executives on human capital and diversity in the US, Canada and Latin America. She worked as the New Media Manager for NCLR (the National Council of La Raza) and as the interim Executive Director for Latinos in Social Media. She has been a speaker at Netroots Nation, SXSW, Personal Democracy Forum, BlogHer, the Center for New Words, Gov 2.5 and Gov 2.0 Camp LA. She has worked with O'Reilly Media, Blogalicious, Women Action and the Media and Nonprofit 2.0 Unconference.

Natalie Keng Natalie has a successful track record in corporate, government and nonprofit sectors in communications, multicultural marketing, public relations and leadership development resulting in new alliances, expanded distribution, customer acquisition and retention. She has consulting, training and management experience with start-up's to Fortune 500 companies, and has served as a publicly-elected official. Natalie founded Chinese Southern Belle, LLC in 2009, a unique mother-daughter business that features Asian market tours, interactive cooking cultural workshops and special group events.

Jerry Rocha (moderator) Jerry is the Vice President of Mobile Media at The Nielsen Company and is a recognized expert in the area of multicultural marketing, mobile applications and content having spent many years in the mobile industry. Jerry has held pivotal roles at tier one carriers and content providers where he was responsible for the launch of several mobile services and spearheaded mobile gaming and music. At The Nielsen Company he has been on the forefront of several major initiatives on the measurement of mobile video, Mobile Tweens/Teens and electronic measurement on devices. Jerry brings a unique perspective that comes from being on several different sides of mobile media development and now converged research to see the next steps digital media is taking.

While in Atlanta, I've also been invited to participate in a reception at Spelman for Women of Color. This is a follow up to the DIGITINI event at SXSW which honored female luminaries in tech such as Charlene Li, Randi Zuckerberg, etc. I will share more details on that second event as it becomes available.

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