Great Gifts From Latinx- and Hispanic-Owned Small Businesses

Jewelry, bath products, leather goods and more, all from Latinx-owned brands.
Clockwise from left to right: Eyeshadow palette from Mia del Mar,Boomband from Tech-Life, pillow from Valfré, candle from Ceremonia and Takis key chain from Candys Kloset on Etsy.
Mia del Mar on Amazon, TECH-LIFE on Amazon, Valfré, Ceremonia, Candys Kloset on Etsy.
Clockwise from left to right: Eyeshadow palette from Mia del Mar,Boomband from Tech-Life, pillow from Valfré, candle from Ceremonia and Takis key chain from Candys Kloset on Etsy.

If you’re trying to support Latinx- and Hispanic-owned small businesses this winter, look no further. From portable speakers to floral bath products, these brands have all sorts of goods.

When gearing up for the holidays, shopping small is the gift that keeps on giving. Your loved one gets something totally unique, and you get to support businesses with values and aesthetics that align with yours.

In fact, because of this alignment, Austin Zamudio, a research specialist who lives in Chicago, notes that finding Latinx and Hispanic brands often happens organically in their shopping process.

“I don’t think it was an intentional cultivation of like, ‘I need to search for Latino-owned businesses,’” Zamudio told HuffPost. “But going through all my favorites, a large amount of them just happened to be Latino —which is great.”

Zamudio continues that they are often drawn to the tones and techniques Latinx artists and artisans use. When scrolling through Etsy or window shopping in person, the items that catch their eye are often from Latinx brands. “Buying from Latino shops resonates with me naturally,” they said. “There are certain styles that I looked for. And the colors used in Latino culture and art naturally stick out to me.”

If you need a language refresher, “Hispanic” generally encompasses people from or descendent from Spanish-speaking countries, like Spain, whereas “Latino” encompasses people from or descendant from Latin American countries like Mexico, Brazil and El Salvador. As “Latino” uses the “masculine” conjugation, “Latinx” has emerged as a non-binary or genderless term. Yet, as all things in life, people get to decide what terms and names are right for them.

Taking the extra step to find small business can help you find the perfect presents for your friends and family. To make your shopping even easier, we’ve rounded up a great selection of Latinx- and Hispanic-owned small businesses to support.

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Macarena Collection
Macarena Collection makes gorgeous handmade Mexican leather shoes and sells vintage embroidered clothing in a number of colors and styles.

Shop Macarena Collection on Etsy.
Based in California, EQCstudios makes vibrant, topical prints inspired by the game of Lotería.

Check out EQCstudios on Etsy.
LaCatrinitaCrafts makes Mexican-inspired artwork and jewelry in California. For colorful, one-of-a-kind pieces, look no further.

Shop LaCatrinitaCrafts on Etsy.
Ceremonia describes itself as "a clean haircare brand rooted in Latinx heritage." They make bath products and hair products, and now their signature floral scent comes in a candle.

Shop Ceremonia.
Sonia Lazo
Sonia Lazo is an artist from El Salvador, who creates vibrant prints, cards and clothing. Her work ranges from sentimental to sci-fi and everything in between.

Check out SoniaLazoIllustrator on Etsy.
La Parea Wellness
A one-stop shop for all things bath and beauty, check out La Parea Wellness. They make bath salts, body oils, lotions and more in a range of floral and fruity scents.

Shop La Parea Wellness on Amazon.
Based in Miami, Gagthreads hosts a huge selection of graphic shirts, hats, bags and select vintage.

Shop Gagthreads on Etsy.
Tech-Life makes waterproof, portable, rechargeable speakers in a number of shapes and sizes. The "BoomBand" is about the size of an Apple Watch and lets you take your tunes on the go.

Shop Tech-Life on Amazon.
Fanesha Fabre Art is a New York-based print shop making handmade pins, Croc charms, stickers and more.

Check out FaneshaFabreArt on Etsy.
For colorful, whimsical designs for clothes, home decor, stationery, tech accessories, smoking tools and more, Valfré is it.

Check out Valfré.
Aleishla Lopez
Aleishla Lopez is a Puerto Rican, handmade jewlery brand. They make bold, minimalist jewelry ranging in metals and stones.

Check out Aleishla Lopez on Etsy.
For "Lovecraft Country," "Squid Games" and other pop culture-inspired stickers, hit up Salem365.

Check out Salem365 on Etsy.
Titina Accessories
Titina Accessories sells handmade bags and accessories from Mexico. The pieces range in color and size but are all eye-catching.

Check out Titina Accessories on Etsy.
Sunscreen and face mist got married, and it's called Habit. With SPF 41 and a rose scent, Habit keeps your skin safe and smelling good.

Check out Habit.
For boho home decor and cozy gifts, look no further than SitosShop. Find unique pieces for your walls, along with jewelry and other trinkets.

Check out SitosShop on Etsy.
Martania Bags
For colorful purses, bags and fanny packs, head to Martania Bags based in El Salvador. The evocative bags are handmade and come in an assortment of creative shapes.

Check out Martania Bags on Etsy.
Mia del Mar
Based in Miami, Mia del Mar is a vibrant beauty brand making eye shadow palettes, blushes and skin care products.

Shop Mia del Mar on Amazon.
Nalgona Positive Shop
Nalgona Positive Shop creates body-positive shirts and sweatshirts and empowering prints and mugs.

Check out Nalgona Positive Shop on Etsy.
Hamanica creates handmade hammocks and hanging chairs in Nicaragua. Get your loved one a place to sit and an eye-catching addition to any room.

Hamanica on Etsy.
Candys Kloset
Food-inspired keychains and badge reels, empowering jewelry, pins, magnets and more are only some of the wonders you'll find in Candys Kloset.

Check out Candys Kloset on Etsy.

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