Latinx Artists Are Using This Hashtag To Showcase Their Incredible Talent

And people on Twitter are here for it.

Latinx artists and writers from across the globe are showcasing their talents on Twitter by using the hashtag #LatinxsCreate

Author Tristan J. Tarwater started using the hashtag Sept. 15 in an effort to help Latinx creatives gain visibility.

She shared the inspiration behind the hashtag in a tweet she wrote on Sept. 19 and added what she hoped would come from it. 

“I chose ‘create’ because I wanted all types of creators to show off their stuff,” she tweeted. “There are SO MANY ways to create and I know we’re doing it, making art, dancing, coding, writing, designing, producing, filming + more. We do it all... I wanted us all to see each other! Making stuff. Make connections, find each other, collaborate, keep building community.”

If these tweets from folks online tell us anything, it’s that people are here for it. 

Latinxs who work in different artistic and creative spaces have been using the hashtag to share samples of their work on social media ― and support other Latinx creatives along the way. 

We’ve rounded up some of their amazing tweets for you to check out below. 



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