Latvian Moviegoer Shot, Killed In Popcorn Dispute

Moviegoer Shot, Killed For Popcorn Complaint During 'Black Swan'

This is more sad than ridiculous. Call it sadly ridiculous.

The Guardian of London reports, with a clarification from The Register, that a man in Latvia was shot and killed in a Riga movie theater after a dispute over popcorn. The victim, a 43-year old man, accused a man of chewing his movie snack too loudly, the papers report, something the accused did not take kindly.

The alleged shooter is a 27-year old police academy graduate who holds a law degree. The pair were seeing the movie "Black Swan," and the alleged shooter waited until the lights came back on to fire the gun. Possibly a questionable decision. Fellow moviegoers called the police, who cuffed the accused.

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