'Today' Show Tries To Make 'Laughing Baby' Laugh (VIDEO)

WATCH: Matt Lauer Tries To Make 'Laughing Baby' Laugh

Micah McArthur, the "laughing baby," has become an Internet star, thanks to the YouTube video of him gleefully laughing at his father ripping up paper in front of him. On Friday, McArthur and his parents appeared on the "Today" show, and Matt Lauer tried to make lightning strike twice.

Micah's father, Marcus, told Lauer that, even though his son had laughed hysterically at the paper trick the first time around, his reaction was now "hit and miss." Lauer had paper at the ready, but when he ripped it, Micah was nonplussed. A fake sneeze from Lauer did elicit a smile, but there was no laughter.

Not all was lost, though. "We've finally found someone to laugh at Meredith's jokes," Lauer said. Check out the adorable video below.


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