Laughing Fox Sounds Like He's Having Way More Fun Than You

"He's a very vocal, very loving, very happy fox."

Who knew foxes could not only laugh, but sound a whole lot like humans when they do?  

Earlier this week, Kristina Shafer wrote on Facebook that her pet Arctic fox, Archer, laughs whenever her boyfriend does.  

See the video above.

Shafer told ABC that Archer tends to laugh most when he's tired at the end of a day, but that's not the only unusual sound her pet can make.

"He's a very vocal, very loving, very happy fox," the 25-year-old Michigan resident told the network. "He also does some happy 'screams' and he honestly sounds like a monkey sometimes. He also does a howl whenever he's out in the yard and wants attention or wants to come inside."

Archer's joy has turned him into a social media sensation. 

For more Archer clips, check out Shafer's Vine page

While some people keep foxes as pets, they are not legal in all areas. Caring for them also comes with extra challenges. 

"Arctic foxes are definitely not for everyone since they're not the easiest pet to have, but I did a lot of research and decided they were for me," Shafer told ABC. "They take a lot of dedication in terms of training."



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