The Laughing At State Attorney Willie Meggs's Jameis Winston Press Conference Was Distressing

WATCH: Laughter At Jameis Winston Press Conference Is Unnerving, Distressing

Shortly after State Attorney Willie Meggs announced that he would be holding a press conference on Thursday afternoon to discuss the sexual assault allegations against Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston, ESPN canceled an appearance by Ron Burgundy on "SportsCenter." Will Ferrell's fictional TV anchorman man had been scheduled to host the 6 p.m. episode of the network's flagship program on Thursday. The decision to cancel the appearance came, presumably, because the situation involving Winston is no laughing matter.

Unfortunately, no one seemed to tell Meggs or several of the people at his press conference at the Leon County Courthouse in Tallahassee, Fla.

After Meggs announced that Winston would not be charged with sexual assaulting a woman who accused him of raping her because it was determined there was not enough evidence to secure a conviction, he held court with the media during a bizarrely light-hearted press conference. The pervasive jocularity and repeated laughter was widely viewed as wildly out of place given the topic of the press briefing and the grievous nature of the allegations.

ESPN broadcaster Samantha Ponder was among those watching the press conference to find the mood a bit too jovial.

At least one person in attendance seemed to agree with Ponder as a woman can be heard saying "Come on" during one of several outbreaks of smiling and laughter. Her tone seemed to carry the sort of discomfort and revulsion that many were feeling while watching the press conference.

After receiving many replies of agreement to her tweet, Ponder suggested a more appropriate tone for Meggs and those in attendance.

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