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Moms Present '12 Days Of In-Laws,' Because It's That Time Of Year Again

The little ones will surely welcome "11 gifts per grandkid."

The holidays mean catching up and spending time with the family -- including your in-laws.

Alisha Merrick and Eden Morris, the parody-loving mothers behind Laughing Moms, already turned The Weeknd's "Can't Feel My Face" into a song about in-laws, and now they're back with a similar revamped makeover of the holiday classic "12 Days of Christmas."

There's no partridge in a pear tree in sight in "12 Days of In-Laws," but the parody does feature funny lines like "10 joints a-achin,'" "nine hours of card games" and "7 o'clock bedtime."

Take a break from gearing up for the holidays and enjoy.

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