Launch Your Startup with Livit in Bali, Indonesia

Are you looking for a supportive environment to build and grow your technology-based startup? The Livit Ecosystem may just be the answer to your startup needs.
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Are you looking for a supportive environment to build and grow your technology-based startup? The Livit Ecosystem may just be the answer to your startup needs.

Welcome to Livit, where the mission is simple, yet powerful. Livit's vision is to inspire and empower entrepreneurs to change the world. Currently located in Indonesia, Denmark, and Hong Kong, Livit's primary focus is software and online solutions where technology and entrepreneurship are core principles of the businesses who reside at Livit Spaces around the world.

Imagine having an incubator space (Livit Startup Studio) for your tech startup where you can dedicate at least 8 hours a day to your idea. You also have access to support specialists throughout the many phases of development. Being a part of the Livit Ecosystem means specialists in areas such as productivity and execution, PR, communications, growth hacking, recruiting, programming, online marketing, and software testing are at your fingertips daily. Your startup accelerates and grows dynamically, and you, too, contribute your best practices and support other startups in the Ecosystem.

Over the past 4 years, Livit has been home to a slew of successful startups. Mailbird, an email client for Windows, allows users to connect email, calendar, tasks, and messaging apps into one user-friendly, beautifully-designed space. This startup has won three notable awards, including the 2015 IT Best Windows Email Client Award. Labster, another successful startup housed at Livit, brings science teaching to life through the use of 3D virtual labs and science-based immersive, game-like experiences. This award-winning educational software is being used in high schools and universities across the world, including Berkeley, Stanford, and Harvard.

In addition to the Startup Studio, Livit offers an internship program called the Elite Student Program. Interns from around the world live and work at Livit for a six-month period of time. They gain real-life experience by working internally with successful startups, and also earn curriculum points for their time in the Livit Ecosystem.

Entrepreneurs and digital nomads no longer need to work and travel alone. Through the Livit Spaces Guest Entrepreneur division, entrepreneurs can immerse themselves in a highly-productive environment, and network with like-minded, passionate people, all the while exploring the exotic beauty of Bali. As a guest entrepreneur, you've also got access to top-level coders and designers, growth hackers and marketers, founders and investors, and the opportunity to learn from and teach to them in daily conversations. There is also no need to worry about your meals, snacks, laundry, or housekeeping--as all of this is provided to you daily, saving you up to three hours per day to either work, or play.

The Livit Ecosystem offers everything an entrepreneur and technology startup needs to be successful. And the best news? You get to work and play in paradise every single day!