Launching Conversations: Tips for Parents of College Bound Kids

During these final days of packing and shopping, find time to talk about these essential ingredients for this major life transition with your college bound students:

* Take care of yourself. We have been here your whole life monitoring your sleeping, eating, academics, social life, etc. It is now up to you. We will always be here for you but we want to encourage your independence and confidence on campus.

* Be patient with finding your niche. Don't expect to find people immediately who you feel totally comfortable with. Be outgoing with as many people as possible in the first month. Try not to limit yourself to just a few people. Try to minimize your Facebook and texting time with your home friends so that you can take advantage of all the wonderful new opportunities.

* A good roommate relationship is about respect and consideration, using open communication about what works for both of you. Be sure to think about how you are impacting your roommate by your behavior.

* Keep your focus. It is a big academic transition from high school to college. Academics need to be a priority to do well. Find your groove with where and when to study.

* Never put yourself in a position where you are out of control - with alcohol or drugs.

* Knowing yourself and getting support on campus is a sign of strength, not weakness. There is every kind of academic and emotional support available. Begin with any support you've had in high school, be consistent and take it seriously.

Thanks to Barista Kids for originally posting these tips.