The Laundry List: What To Read, Relive, and Love This Weekend

Lifestyle links to catch up on during the dryer cycle.

We at The Huffington Post take unplugging very seriously, and the weekends are a sacred time for that. Saturday and Sunday are days we relish sleeping in, catching up, and spending time on all those stories and pop culture moments we may have missed Monday through Friday. To make that easier, we're starting a weekly roundup to send us all into the weekend with a concise list of favorites. Check out our highlights, and then take your weekend back.

The 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' trailer came out to the delight of the proud inner nerd in all of us. You cannot go to brunch with friends without having seen it.

And speaking of inner nerds, we're in love with the Illustrated Literal Meanings Of Idioms. It's smart, fun and adorable.

In Susan Burton's "Terry Gross and The Art Of Opening Up," the New York Times Magazine profiles NPR's unofficial godmother and host of its 40-year-old radio show, "Fresh Air." Just wait 'til you see the photo of 1970s Teri.

Tastemade's "Raw. Vegan. Not Gross. With Laura Miller." She's a doll.

Thanks, EPSON International Pano Awards, for taking us places. Seriously, as HuffPost's Chris McGonigal says, "Let These Award-Winning Panoramic Photos Envelop You."

The new travel magazine, Grid. It's based in the Philippines, one of the world's most gorgeous travel destinations (when it isn't under a safety warning, anyway). If you don't know already know about Grid, you're going to hear about it soon.

While wanderlusting, we kicked our feet up with one of our favorite Instagrammers of late: Jennifer Lake. Follow and instantly become a happier person.

Drake's birthday. Because he was there to make us laugh this week, again and again and again.

If you're making new friends this weekend -- of the potentially romantic variety -- check out "The Best Ways To Break The Ice And Get To Know Someone On The First Date," by Patrick Allan on LifeHacker.

Finally, if there's one thing you absolutely have to do this weekend, it's listen to Adele's new song, "Hello," like we've been doing on repeat all day.

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