The Laundry List: What To Read, Relive And Love This Weekend

Lifestyle links to catch up on during the dryer cycle.

Last week we launched a new round up of our favorite things on the Internet, to send you off into the weekend with a concise reading list. Weekends are for unplugging, not spending endless hours online trying to catch up on the week's news and happenings.

Catch up quickly and then take your weekend back. And get extra comfortable, because on Sunday, you get an extra hour of YOU time. Thanks, daylight saving time!

FIRST THINGS FIRST: While you're indulging in everything spooky this weekend, dive into HuffPost's multimedia experience, The Flip Side Of Fear. It's time to face your fears and overcome -- and then go eat all the candy, because you earned it.

READ: If you take in one piece of food writing this weekend, make it "Edna Lewis And The Black Roots Of American Cooking" by the one and only Francis Lam.

REMINISCE: Remember when Ugg boots came out and everyone assumed they were just another fad? Read about why this ugly duckling is still going strong in Racked's "The Inescapable, Immortal Ugg."

GET STARTED ON: "Fates And Furies," by Lauren Groff. Seth Meyers is into it, and you will be too.

FOLLOW: Sick of food porn and meticulously placed cups of tea next to that pretty piece of toast? Follow Undressed, a new series on Instagram capturing the raw moments in restaurants and kitchens. They're the honest and unscripted reasons the food industry is so compelling.

WEAR: Put your metallic shoes on this weekend and instantly upgrade your look.

WATCH: The New York City Marathon, of course! It's on Sunday, and whether you're watching in person or not, be sure to cheer loudly and be part of that "amazing roar."

VISIT: Brooklyn's new Museum Of Food And Drink, which officially opened this week. Trust us, it's "not just for foodies." Or hipsters.

SPEND TIME WITH: Writer Ramona Emerson's essay on what she learned from moving back in with her parents. It hits all the right notes.

LISTEN TO: Terry Gross interview Gloria Steinem on "Fresh Air." Need we say anything more?

CONSIDER: The "Life Of An Apple Picker" in NPR's moving exposé.

CELEBRATE: And with that, we leave you "10 Of The Cutest Animal Halloween Costumes."


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