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House Of Grace Blogger Cuts Laundry Stress With A Daily Routine

For us, the answer is usually "whenever it gets in the way."

All month long we've been chatting with cleaning and organizing experts about how to get our house in gear with less stress for our Fresh Start series. Make sure to visit our Pinterest board to see all of their best tips in one place!

Tasks like laundry are so tedious, we tend to put them off until we can do a lot at once, like on the weekends. As a result, we end up stressing through our Saturdays, battling a seemingly bottomless pile. But surprisingly, Bonnie Donahue from House Of Grace tells us that it's easier to do a little daily instead. "A load a day keeps the piles away," says Donahue. (Sounds like we have a new mantra!)

Of course, we should consider the fact that she has six people in her household -- so you may want to adjust your frequency accordingly. But we're all in for anything that helps us clear our weekend afternoons of being slaves to the spin cycle. Donahue suggests keeping a basket in every bedroom and tackling clothing everyday, towels once a week and bedding every other week.

do laundry daily
Illustration by Raydene Salinas

Here are a few of Donahue's other great household tips:

The best way to clear under-the-kitchen-sink clutter: Switching to concentrated cleaners, which will eliminate unnecessary bottles.

Her favorite cleaning tool: Micro-fiber mops for wood floors.

Have a great tip or trick to add to our list? Let us know!

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