You've Been Doing Your Laundry All Wrong

It shouldn't be that hard, but somehow it is.

You'll spend an average of 23,214 hours doing laundry over the course of your lifetime, according to the video above. That's a lot of time dedicated to sorting whites and colors and contemplating the elusive lost sock. You might as well perfect the chore.

But as the Sklar Brothers tell us in this episode of PBS Digital Studio's You're Doing It Wrong, perfection still eludes you. You might be guilty of using too much detergent, or you could be one of those people who rubs clothing stains aggressively, which -- sad news -- might only be making the stain worse.

To remedy your laundry faux pas, learn the tricks of the trade from the Sklars. Skip two minutes in if you want straight tips without the history of laundry first.

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