Laura Ann Jacobs' 'Under The C-Cup' Collection Explores Underwater Lingerie

Ariel Would Kill To Get Her Hands On These Shells

Admit it: you've dreamed about being a mermaid. The tail is pretty cool, the ability to breathe underwater is alright, but those seashell bras really take the cake. Sculptor Laura Ann Jacobs understands.

Jacobs has created an imaginative and opulent collection entitled 'Under the C-Cup,' a playful selection of below sea level couture. From corsets to stilettos, from conches to crabs, Jacobs works bring the ol' Disney mantra "everything's better down where it's wetter" to new depths. Enjoy the slideshow below, and let us know what you think of this new aquatic sartorial flair in the comments section.

Under the C-Cup

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