Laura Bush: George More Excited For Super Bowl Than Super Tuesday

On "Access Hollywood" Laura Bush was asked if her husband was a football fan and excited for the Super Bowl this weekend. She explained that he is a football fan, but since the team he was cheering for--that "Texas team," the Dallas Cowboys--was not playing, he was probably, very diplomatically, cheering for both.

But just because his beloved Cowboys aren't in the big game doesn't mean he is more excited for Super Tuesday than he is the Super Bowl.

Laura Bush tells 'Access Hollywood' that the President is probably going to be more excited about the Superbowl than Super Tuesday... right after having implied that he wasn't that interested in the Superbowl since the Dallas Cowboys weren't playing. http://link.brightcove.com/services/link/bcpid1398218659http://www.brightcove.com/channel.jsp?channel=1178199204

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