Laura Bush Having Greater Success Than George Shopping Memoir

Laura Bush Having Greater Success Than George Shopping Memoir

President Bush's plans to pen a memoir of his time in office may have been curtailed, but he's not going to be able to take comfort in the fact that a down economy has the publishing world bearish on presidential remembrances anymore. Because while he can't even get wingnut welfare imprint Regnery Publishing to take his phone calls, his wife is setting up a deal for her own book that looks like a towering pile of dollar bills:

LAURA Bush is lining up a multimillion-dollar deal to write her memoirs - but the first lady's lame-duck hubby may have to wait years before cashing in on a tell-all about his two troubled terms as president.

"Laura is interviewing publishers who are bidding on her memoirs," one biographer told Page Six. "The publishers are coming to the White House to meet with her and discuss the book."

Literary agent Mort Janklow put things in perspective over at Page Six, saying that, "The wives of presidents generally write books that have a greater public interest. Wives usually write from a personal point of view -- instead of talking about government policy, they talk about when the dog came to the White House and had to be paper-trained." Somehow, I think that the greater fascination in a Laura memoir stems from a desire to draw comparisons between the real story and the flight of imagination penned by Curtis Sittenfeld, whose An American Wife exposes her conscience.

Most industry observers think that President Bush should wait about five years before delivering his memoir, tentatively titled A Staggering Stagger of Staggering Staggering.

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