These Vagina Illustrations Are Giving Us Life

Which is appropriate, because vaginas give us life, too!

Question: What is the one thing that all human beings on this earth, regardless of age, gender, race, political party, or taste in snack foods have in common?

Answer: We emerged from a great and mighty vagina, of course! (Except for those human beings delivered by Cesarean section.)

Despite vaginas being the source of literally all human life on Earth, they still remain largely unseen and unspoken of in “polite” society. Thanks, sexism! 

If you are not familiar with the general appearance of a vulva, or have yet to see one besides your own, feast your eyes on these awesome illustrations by Laura Callaghan, featuring a variety of lady caves, each unique and beautiful in their own way. 

Callaghan created the drawings for a new Guardian web series called “Vagina Dispatches,” which aims to bridge the embarrassing knowledge gap in understanding how women’s bodies work and function. 

Whether you already spend quality time in the mirror gazing at your most private of parts, or you’ve yet to stare at yourself up close and personal, peruse these candy-colored vaginas to see all the lovely shapes a vulva can take. 

And to learn more about women’s bodies, check out HuffPost’s Cliteracy Project.



Art History With Male Nipples