Teen's Identity Lesson Makes A Serious Point, But Doesn't Skimp On The Fun

Be yourself.

And in case you can't be yourself, Laura Finnigan of Liverpool, England, is here to remind you that it's the right thing to do.

Finnigan, 17, put together a sweet video to show that being gay isn't her lifestyle choice; it's part of who she is.

"Changes -- Tackling Homophobia" features the teen changing her clothing style and pondering other life options. But when it comes to her sexual orientation, she declares, "I'm gay and I can't change that. And why should I?"

Finnigan told the youth-empowerment group Fixers, which produced the clip, that she wanted to deliver an affirming message for LGBT youth and remind others that bigotry isn't excusable.

"I get upset when people think that others like me are being silly or that it’s just a phase that we’ll grow out of," she told Fixers. "I’m showing that being gay is not a decision anyone takes. It’s something you are or you’re not, and it shouldn’t give anyone the right to discriminate."