Laura Ingraham Adopts Girl From Guatemala

Calling her trip to pick up her new daughter, Maria Caroline, 3, "the most amazing few days that I've ever spent in my life and the best thing I've ever done," conservative radio talk host, Laura Ingraham, 43, announced on her show that she recently welcomed a little girl from Guatemala.

After many years of spending so much time with her friends' kids, Laura felt a calling to be a mother -- "especially to someone who didn't have anybody." Once there was confirmation that the adoption process had gone through, she traveled down to the orphanage -- which was home to eleven children -- and was greeted at the door by them all. With only a picture of her little girl that she had received in the mail, Laura recognized her "mop-top" when she saw Maria standing by the door holding a single plastic bag -- inside were all of her belongings.

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