It Looks Like Laura Ingraham's Bigoted Podcast Is Dead

Where will white nationalists get their news now?!

Listeners of Fox News host and conservative radio personality Laura Ingraham’s podcast have been forced to go elsewhere for their preferred helping of right-wing bigotry, and many of them are very unhappy about it.

Ingraham’s podcast has shown diminishing signs of life in recent months after launching just one year ago, The Daily Beast’s Justin Baragona reports.

Ingraham announced the suspension of her conservative talk radio show in 2018 and pitched her podcast as an alternative for listeners. The host has a thoroughly documented history of spreading anti-immigrant bigotry and has repeatedly used her platforms to harangue movements for racial justice by echoing white nationalist talking points. In a June podcast episode, for example, Ingraham spoke derisively of advocates pushing for reparations for slavery and implied that the conquest of Black people was just another blip in world history. “We won, you lost, that’s that,” Ingraham said. “That’s it.”

But just a year into her new experiment, the apparent failure of “The Laura Ingraham Podcast” all but guarantees that her listeners will be forced to turn to the innumerable other founts of white nationalism on the internet to satisfy their needs.

While Ingraham’s website says new podcast episodes would be posted three times a week, the most recent episode was posted in September, and Ingraham has scrubbed references to the podcast from her Twitter bio, as The Daily Beast noted.

Ingraham did not immediately reply to HuffPost’s question about whether her podcast is indeed dead.

“Starving listeners need sustenance!” one wrote.

For now, those interested in hearing the hysteria of a distressed white woman forced to share space with people of color can find still find Ingraham on Fox News at 10 p.m. nightly, where her views are comfortably nestled between commercials about catheters and colorectal exams.

And although the podcast may be dead, the subscription link is still very much alive, meaning podcast listeners are still more than welcome to pay Ingraham $49.95 a year to receive what now looks to be nothing at all.

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