Laura Ingraham Calls Meghan McCain A "Useful Idiot"

Fresh off her feud with controversial conservative author Ann Coulter, Meghan McCain is in a spat with another prominent female conservative and media personality: Laura Ingraham.

In the latest insult, Ingraham sent out an email calling McCain a "useful idiot" who is only gaining any traction in the media because she's a Republican criticizing the GOP, and dismissing the coverage of her remarks about McCain's weight as phony indignation (Via Think Progress):

Memo to Meghan McCain: Enjoy the media coverage while it lasts, but know you're being used. You are the flavor of the month in left-wing media land because you are a Republican bashing the GOP...

...The left's indignation in this instance is manufactured and totally phony. If any off-the-cuff remark about a woman's size was condemnable, then where was the outrage when President Obama made a passing reference to Jessica Simpson's "weight battle" during his Super Bowl interview with Matt Lauer? And of course they look the other way when obvious personal attacks are levied against conservatives.

The feud with Ingraham began when she criticized McCain for her recent remarks about the Republican party, saying that McCain was just looking for attention and making a snide remark about her weight: "Ok, I was really hoping that I was going to get that role in the Real World, but then I realized that, well, they don't like plus-sized models."

McCain responded during her appearance on "The View" by channeling Tyra Banks, telling Ingraham she could "kiss my fat ass!"

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