Laura Ingraham Dismisses Jan. 6 Insurrection As A 'Narrative'

The Fox News personality is still gaslighting with the GOP's "big lie" about the election and the violent consequences.

Laura Ingraham still seems to be in denial.

The Fox News personality on Wednesday suggested the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection was a “narrative” perpetrated by critics of the GOP. (Watch the video below.)

“The Ingraham Angle” host was responding to guest Raymond Arroyo’s mockery of Republican political adviser Mark McKinnon and his trademark cowboy hat during a recent CNN appearance.

McKinnon said the GOP’s continued support of Donald Trump’s baseless assertion that the election was stolen has put the Republican Party “on the Titanic and is going to crash on the iceberg of the big lie.”

Replied Ingraham:

“They’re going to do anything, Raymond, to keep that narrative alive of Jan. 6, because, I don’t know, if Liz Cheney runs out of space in the GOP’s big tent, I’m sure ― well, can she ― she can just shelter under the brim of McKinnon’s ― Stetson, is it?”

Ingraham and her Fox News colleagues have been working to promote Trump’s election lies and erase the history of the violent consequences. Late month, she claimed that Biden was the “the real threat” to the country ― not the pro-Trump mob that stormed the Capitol.

“America’s most dangerous insurrectionists aren’t the goofy QAnon people in fur and face paint, OK?” Ingraham said, presumably referring to the extremists who sought to overturn the election certification on Jan. 6. “The real threat to our future is Biden and the well-heeled powerful forces who want us to lose sight of what made America great in the first place.”

In February, Ingraham deflected blame for the uprising onto Biden and a host of others in a rambling conspiracy thread.

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