Laura Ingraham, Charlie Rangel Brawl On 'O'Reilly Factor' (VIDEO)

Laura Ingraham and Rep. Charlie Rangel got into an intense argument on Thursday's "O'Reilly Factor."

Ingraham, guest hosting for Bill O'Reilly, brought Rangel on to discuss black unemployment and Rep. Allen West's controversial comments about the Democratic Party, which the Republican likened to a "plantation" for the modern black community. But the interview essentially got nowhere, as host and guest clashed from the first moment of the discussion.

Ingraham started by replaying West's "plantation" comments. She asked Rangel what his problem was with the word choice.

"I'm trying to figure out what words we can use and what words we can't use," she said. "What do you mean can't?" Rangel shot back. "You're confused whether or not you can use 'plantation' to a black Republican?"

From there, Ingraham and Rangel kept talking past each other. She fired question after question at him--about the War on Poverty, about liberalism, about President Obama--and he kept objecting to each question as it was asked.

"This is something entirely different from what you just asked!" Rangel said at one point. He loudly sighed at another juncture in the conversation, seemingly frustrated by Ingraham, and told her her questions "sound like mini-speeches." ("Maybe you don't get real questions from real people," she replied.)

The biggest flashpoint when Rangel waded into territory he probably should not have.

"Bill O'Reilly told me he had a secret weapon," he said. "I didn't know it was just a pretty girl that he would bring here."

"That's very condescending, sir!" Ingraham fired back. "These are serious questions."

"You have asked me 50 questions," Rangel said. "I'm begging you. I'm begging you...just ask me one question at a time."


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