Laura Ingraham: Left Used COVID Lockdowns To Groom Public For Climate Change Lockdowns

The Fox News host told her crooked conspiracy theory with a straight face.

Laura Ingraham asserted Tuesday that the left used COVID-19 lockdowns to condition the public for future lockdowns related to climate change. (Watch the video below.)

“The climate agenda isn’t really about saving the planet, it’s about controlling the people,” the Fox News host said on “The Ingraham Angle.”

Ingraham used a new International Energy Agency report as a jumping-off point into her conspiracy theory. The IEA called for urgent action to alter the energy industry, and that included the elimination of new investments in coal mines, oil and gas wells to curb greenhouse gases, The Associated Press reported.

Ingraham quoted seemingly innocuous wording by the IEA about how the pandemic proved that people can change behavior if they think it’s for their own good, and how green-friendly urban planning could “shape lifestyle changes” and influence behavior.

“In other words, a lockdown of another kind ― this time in the name of climate change,” Ingraham said. “Can’t say we didn’t warn you that this was coming. COVID gave them the playbook for how to bring society to its knees and in fear. And now they have a new crisis perhaps to weaponize.”

Ingraham turned her attention back to the coronavirus lockdowns implemented to save lives as the death toll soared by the hundreds of thousands during the Trump administration.

“A lot of us have felt like this was a process long in the making of conditioning the public ― when we realize it was mostly a vulnerable population that was really suffering from COVID, most people would tolerate it quite well. Nevertheless, these lockdowns persisted. Was this a conditioning process for the next lockdown?”

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich was there to provide his own answer. Watch it below.

Ingraham’s stance is nothing new for the conservative channel. Fox News has trafficked in climate change denial for years and earlier Wednesday host Greg Gutfeld declared a climate crisis “does not exist.”

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