Laura Ingraham Tells Viewers To Ignore Public Health Experts, ‘Move On’ From COVID-19

“It’s time to declare victory and move on," the Fox News personality said, even as the pandemic continues to kill hundreds of Americans each day.

Fox News’ controversial prime-time personality Laura Ingraham seems to believe the coronavirus pandemic has ended — even though it is still claiming the lives of hundreds of Americans each day.

Ingraham on Monday railed against public health experts, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, the White House’s chief medical adviser, for urging people to exercise caution when it comes to COVID-19. Daily infection, hospitalization and death tolls are falling as vaccination efforts are ramping up, but experts say it’s crucial for Americans to keep wearing masks and practicing social distancing.

“It’s time to retire or just ignore the control freaks,” Ingraham said in the seven-minute segment. “It’s time to declare victory and move on.”

Despite her on-air anti-lockdown rhetoric, Ingraham wore a mask at a campaign rally for then-President Donald Trump last year. He mocked her for doing so.

More than 525,000 Americans have now been killed by the coronavirus.

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