Laura Ingraham Calls Democrats The 'Party Of Anti-Semites'

The Fox News host got into a hyperbolic shouting match with Juan Williams.

Laura Ingraham called Democrats “the party of anti-Semites” in an argument with Fox News colleague Juan Williams on Monday.

In a Media Matters clip of “The Ingraham Angle,” a segment about President Donald Trump criticizing the recent “vacation” of a Democratic delegation to Puerto Rico elevated the tension. Ingraham and Williams debated the amount of leisure activities that Trump and his predecessor, Barack Obama, logged in office.

Williams said the current president was spending twice as much time on the golf course. To which Ingraham responded: “He’s created twice as many jobs too, probably.”

The near-shouting match took another turn when Williams offered a dire opinion of the GOP. 

“The Republican Party has cratered, and it’s become the party of Trump, and all you can do is ...  

“Oh, really?” Ingraham interrupted. “Yours is the party of anti-Semites, Tulsi Gabbard and other people who criticize Israel for nothing.”

But that wasn’t the end. In a Twitter clip of the exchange below, Williams fired another salvo: “As Trump said, he could shoot a man on Fifth Avenue and Laura Ingraham would back him.”

Trump made the “Fifth Avenue” boast about voters in general during his 2016 campaign, but point made?