Laura Ingraham Shows She’s Either Oblivious To Trump's Racism — Or Is Gaslighting You

The Fox News host claimed Democrats are calling Donald Trump racist "with zero evidence."

Fox NewsLaura Ingraham on Tuesday night complained that Democrats are calling President Donald Trump racist “with zero evidence.”

The conservative network’s prime time personality appeared to conveniently forget that Trump has a long history of making racist remarks and embracing racist behavior.

Ingraham herself has repeatedly used her widely watched show to peddle white nationalist talking points.

“Now their next trick is to launch a desperate campaign to cast President Trump, though, as the villain who threatens us all,” Ingraham said of Democrats.

“They don’t like him as a person,” she continued. “So what they have to do is deny that he’s done anything at all good for America. And of course they need to call him racist with zero evidence.”

Ingraham later railed against the lack of praise Trump received earlier in the day for signing an executive order intended to address police brutality. Critics, however, said the order falls way short of what is needed to address the problem.

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