Laura Ingraham Gets Roasted For Rosy Tweet On Texas Coronavirus Cases

The Fox News host intended the tweet as a dig at "the 'Shut it all Down' Democrats," but Twitter let her have it.

While Texas did record its fifth straight day of decreasing coronavirus cases earlier this week, it was no time for a victory lap.

But Fox News host Laura Ingraham did one for the state anyway, posting a graph Wednesday that appeared to indicate some improvement in the situation so she could take a swipe at Democrats.

“Texas ... looking pretty good,” she wrote. “Bad news for the ‘Shut it all Down’ Democrats.”

Her rosy outlook for a state that rushed to reopen and balked at mask measures before Gov. Greg Abbott (R) issued a mandate seemed out of step, however. The graph itself revealed the grim reality of how far out of control the pandemic had become there. And Texas’ promising run ended Tuesday with its second-highest case increase (11,408). On Wednesday the state got hit with its second-highest rise in daily deaths, 327, the Houston Chronicle reported.

The toll stands at more than 403,000 cases and 6,100 deaths.

Twitter let her have it.

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