Laura Ingraham Spews Incredibly Racist Take On Kamala Harris

The Fox News personality called Harris "completely incapable" in a racist takedown.

Laura Ingraham on Thursday said Vice President Kamala Harris “knows nothing except how to play the race card to get ahead.”

In a Fox News segment questioning Harris’ competence after the veep denied reports of tension in the White House, Ingraham cranked up the anti-Harris chorus.

“She is completely incapable of stepping in to take over as commander-in-chief, should Biden be incapacitated,” Ingraham said on “The Ingraham Angle.” “She has problems delivering simple remarks. Because, I’m sorry, she knows nothing except how to play the race card to get ahead.”

Ingraham continued her racist takedown, focusing on Harris’ election victory speech in which she rightfully celebrated becoming the first Black and first female vice president.

“It’s always a diversity thing,” Ingraham snarked. “How about merit? How about that for a change? Well, it turns out that selecting a VP based solely on diversity criteria and not objective merit is not only stupid, it’s really dangerous. There is literally no situation, no problem that the White House can turn over to her to handle in the place of the president. Like, remember she was supposed to handle the border, remember that? Well, America’s border is now overrun with drugs, illegals, and sex traffickers. Nice job, Kamala.”

The sneery TV personality added: “If her goal was to pump up our enemies and demoralize our own people, then she should be excited.”

The Associated Press wrote earlier that “some media reports have suggested tensions in the West Wing over Harris’ job performance.”

Harris denied being mistreated or sidelined to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos. The White House dismissed the reports as well.

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