Laura Ingraham Has A Very Weird Understanding Of Men's Fashion

The Fox News personality ranted against what she called "the war on men," and said Hollywood is waging it with crop tops, skinny jeans, and -- pajamas?

Laura Ingraham has a really weird idea of what’s going on over in Hollywood these days, and also seems to misunderstand the purpose of some articles of clothing.

While discussing what Ingraham called “The War On Men” on Fox News’ “Ingraham Angle” segment Wednesday, the opinion personality slammed the “theory of toxic masculinity,” which she said is “infecting our lives.”

“For years, Hollywood’s been pushing the skinny jeans crop-top pajama boy version of masculinity on us, we’ve gotten kind of used to it,” she said.

“And now even time-honored male brands and businesses are trying to make men feel guilty about being men,” she added, going on to slam companies like shaving brand Gillette that have conducted advertising campaigns against toxic masculinity.

She also went after Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), the American Psychological Association and the left in general for contributing to the demonization of men:

Viewers were confused, to say the least. People on Twitter struggled to put a finger on what Ingraham was going for with her “pajama boy” description:

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