Laura Ingraham Slams 'Preposterous' Reparations Calls: 'No Do-Overs. That's It.'

The Fox News host claims her podcast comments were distorted by "leftists" in the media.

Fox News host Laura Ingraham is under fire for comments she made on her podcast during a discussion with Kentucky State University professor Wilfred Reilly, author of “Hate Crime Hoax,” about reparations.

Reilly argued against reparations for slavery, saying there would be difficulty in determining who would be eligible and who would pay. He also said Native Americans could then seek reparations for their stolen land. 

In a clip posted online by Media Matters, Ingraham replied: “People would argue that the whole world ― and I would ― that the whole world has been reshaped by people taking other people’s land, it’s called conquest.” 

She said there was a “totally different map throughout Europe and Asia” and added:

They want to live in a fake world. As Trump always says, ‘you don’t get do-overs.’ No do-overs, that’s it. There was an argument, sometime, I think it was the 1980s, it was a quote, ‘you won, we lost, that’s that.’ Describing world politics, ‘we won, you lost, that’s that.’ That’s just the way it is.

Ingraham later fired off a series of tweets slamming reports about her comments and blamed “leftists” for distorting her words. She also tried to explain her comments: 

She was, as noted above, referring to the general world map but was also responding directly to the discussion on reparations, and her comments that followed the quote were also on the topic: 

This is just preposterous, this idea of trying to divide the country up on, I guess go through 23andme, and see who’s what lineage and what percentage and when did you come here and I guess come up with an algorithm. Certain people get land and other people get cash and other people get opportunity.

Ingraham then predicted that reparations would ultimately result in “more resentment, less coming together as other people feel like they’re working their butts off and all they are is called racist all day long for working their butts off.” She called for moving ahead “without regard to race and without regard to where you came from.”  

The Fox News host has faced a wave of advertiser defections over her past comments. Last month, the photo service Fracture pulled its ads after Ingraham criticized social media platforms for banning a white supremacist. She also lost advertisers last year when she mocked one of the teen survivors of the Parkland school shooting.  

Her latest comments were slammed on social media: