Laura Ingraham Rips Cable's 'Balloon Boy' Coverage: "Puts Egg On All Of Our Faces" (AUDIO)

Laura Ingraham Rips Cable's 'Balloon Boy' Coverage: "Puts Egg On All Of Our Faces" (AUDIO)

Cable news networks' rather breathless coverage of the 'balloon boy' saga has come in for its share of media criticism from across the political spectrum.

Appearing on MSNBC last night, Arianna challenged that particular network about its non-stop coverage of what she called a "non-story." "Once the boy had been found, there was no story -- just tele-voyeurism. Why continue the wall-to-wall coverage of a story that had turned into a non-story -- on a political show -- during a week when health care, financial reform, and Afghanistan are all at the tipping point?" Arianna wrote about the coverage.

Today on her radio show, conservative radio host Laura Ingraham also unleashed some cutting remarks about the networks' wall-to-wall coverage of the Heenes. Ingraham knocked the networks for devoting so much time to balloon boy instead of covering serious news. "Meanwhile Pakistan's blowing up, but let's not cover that story," Ingraham said.

What this does is, I think, it kind of puts egg on all of our faces. We all become part of the media problem. I'll throw myself right into the mix. Because you really can't take your eyes off it, but meanwhile you know there are all these really important things happening, not only in our country but around the world.


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