Laura Ingraham Praises Stacey Abrams' SOTU Rebuttal: 'Much Better' Than Past Years

"I got to say, Stacey Abrams, I think she did have presence tonight."

Stacey Abrams gave President Donald Trump a strong scolding in her rebuttal to his State of the Union address on Tuesday, but one of his major Fox News supporters praised her response.

“I got to say, Stacey Abrams, I think she did have presence tonight. I think she [did] much better than some of the people in the last few years,” said Fox News host Laura Ingraham.

In her remarks, the Democratic former Georgia gubernatorial candidate blamed Trump for triggering the federal government shutdown in an attempt to secure billions in funding for his border wall, arguing that it “defied every tenet of fairness and abandoned not just our people, but our values.”

Abrams also bashed the GOP as a whole, accusing it of crushing the hopes of families seeking economic equality. On that matter, Ingraham gave her props for doing “the best I think she could with this economy that’s booming by all accounts,” suggesting Abrams engaged in an element of spin.

Chris Wallace, who is known as one of the conservative network’s more moderate anchors, also offered his kudos to Abrams, noting her speech “was a pretty good one” given that the rebuttals are typically unsuccessful.

Furthermore, Wallace pushed back on Ingraham’s narrative of the economy, pointing out that “there are a lot of Americans who are struggling, and I thought she seemed to get more to what people’s lives are like in the reality.”

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